The History of Skater - Follow as we chronicle the one and only Peter Hledin. We follow Peter Hledin's creations from his very first model, the 18' Skater which was strictly a pleasure boat. Then follow Peter's debut onto the Offshore Racing circuit with the 24' Skater which took the offshore world by storm! We then follow his designs from the 28' to the first inboard  32' Skater to the tremendously popular 36'. Then we see the first BIG OFFSHORE CAT the 40' Skater. Then we follow Peter's entry into the super boat segment with the 46' and his eventual entry into the first mono hull Skater. This video also features offshore racers Joe Mach, Kevin Brown, Jim Dyke, Pat Patel, August Bush IV, Randy Scism, Joey Imprescia, Stu Hayim, Steve Thiele and many more! (46 minutes)

Cats Conquer Offshore 80s - Exclusive NNRT footage from 1978 through 1983 showing the revolution that swept Offshore racing worldwide and led the top teams from single hulls to multi's. Footage from the Open, Super and Production classes showing the teams and designers that led the charge. See racing footage and interviews with Popeyes, George Morales, Bill Sirois, Rocky Aoki, Bob Magoon, Preston Henn and many others. This DVD covers the entire story from the early, fragile cats to the unstoppable four engine Super boats that changed the face of Offshore racing forever. (60 minutes)

Cougar 'The British Invasion" - Exclusive NNRT footage spanning the years from 1978-1992 when Cougar was the most successful marque in worldwide offshore racing. See the development of these wonderful English hulls from the stables of James Beard and Clive Curtis. Watch the hulls evolve from the early wooden versions to aluminum, fiberglass and composite variants. Meet the great teams that drove these beautiful racing thoroughbreds to victory: Seahawk (Sal Magluta and the Falcon brothers, Bob Kaiser, Michel Meynard, Paul Clauser, Joe Rodriguez, Elliot Sutton, Al Copeland, George Morales and, of course, multi-time World Champion Superstar, Steve Curtis, the son of Cougar's founder. (60 minutes)

The Legend of Apache includes exclusive Video Highlights of all of Apache's greatest racing exploits, including the "Magic Throttle arm of Bob Saccenti." All video footage is by NNRT, the video team that taught the others how it's done. Racing action from 1981 through 1992 showing all the great Apache exploits, from the very first Squadron XII Apache of Jerry Kilpatrick through Ben Kramer's various "Warpaths" and ending with the timeless, custom "Apache Heritage." See exclusive interviews with Ben Kramer, Bob Saccenti, Sal Magluta, Kilpatrick, Bob Gallo, Lorne Leibel, Bob Idoni, David Street, Mark McManus and others who made the "Legend" come to life. (32 minutes)

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The Colorful Characters Of Offshore - Meet some of the most colorful characters in the history of offshore racing! Race footage and interviews with: Sal Magluta and the Falcon brothers, Don Aronow, David Gilmore, Alan "Brownie" Brown, Bill Wishnick, Bernie Little, August Bush, Howard Arneson, Betty Cook, Tom Gentry, Bob Sheer, Ben Kramer, Jack Kramer, Bob Kaiser, George Morales, Don Johnson, Bobby Saccenti, Gene Whipp, Joe Mach, Rocky Aoki and of course the very colorful Al Copeland plus many many more.  (50 minutes)

1980 Benihana Offshore Grand Prix - "When Cigarette's Ruled Offshore!" This race was one of the most legendary races and race sites in the offshore circuit in the 80's. Watch the open class race from start to finish in the Atlantic off of Point Pleasant Beach NJ. The 1980 Benihana hosted some of the most famous offshore racers in history including several teams from Great Britain who came to the States to chase the coveted Harmsworth Trophy (Michael Docksford / Limit Up, David Hagin / Dry Martini)! Teams featured include Michelob Light catamaran, Rums of Puerto Rico, Fayva Shoes catamaran, Pleasure Seeker Sutphen V, Satisfaction catamaran, Hot Shot Cigarette V, Al Copeland and his V Bottom Popeye's, Jerry Jacoby and the Cigarette Ajac Hawk, Bill Elswick and the Cigarette Long Shot, Tony Garcia's Scarab Sea Sweep, and much more! (60 minutes)

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1982 Benihana Offshore Grand Prix - This race features classic open offshore race boats such as Howard Arneson and the Arneson Catamaran, Rocky Aoki and the Benihana Cougar Cat,  Joey Ippolito with the Rampage Cigarette, Al Copeland with the Popeye's Scarab and many more! (60 minutes)

The Champions Of Offshore - The Champions of Offshore takes you through offshore racing in the late 1970’s through the 80’s. Some of the names you may not be familiar with but in many cases they were the throttlemen or crew chiefs that made several race boat teams common household names to many fans. The majority of the names are very recognizable and several are still racing today! The Champions featured on this DVD are: Ben & Jeff Kalibat, Tom & Ray Akoury, Joey Imprecia, Willie Diaz, Dave Gillmore, Roger Munn, Sammy James, Errol Lanier, Hurley Stepp, Juan & Felix Serralles, Fabio Buzzi, Jim Dyke, Joe Sgro, Billy Martin, Bobby Moore, Bob Idoni, Harold “Smitty” Smith, Billy Sirois, Bobby Saccenti, Mark & Chris Lavin, Steve Curtis, Richie Powers, Jerry Gillbreath and John Tomlinson.

1986 Apache Offshore Challenge - Apache Powerboats hosted this race off the beaches of Miami.  Racers  in this video include Bob Kaiser and the GK Systems Catamaran, Sal Magluta and the Seahawk Apache, Al Copeland and the Popeye's Catamaran, Tom Gentry and the Gentry Catamaran and many more! (60 minutes)

1984 Key West Worlds & 1992 Cocoa Beach - This TWO RACE PACKAGE is a sampler of vintage NNRT action videos. Covering two of the greatest events of the "glory days of offshore," these races give the viewer a clear picture of the excitement, fleet size, and racing action that represented the most successful days in racing history. These videos take you back to true competition and the drama of big fleets of closely matched racing at its best. (90 minutes)

1981 Benihana Offshore Grand Prix Open Class - This race features classic open offshore race boats such as Betty Cook and the Michelob Light, Jerry Kilpatrick with his first APACHE,  Howard Arneson and the Arneson Catamaran, Rocky Aoki and the Benihana Cougar Cat,  Joey Ippolito with the Rampage Cigarette, Al Copeland with the Popeye's Scarab and many more! (60 minutes)

1985 Apache Offshore Challenge - This race features classic open offshore race boats such as Howard Arneson and the Arneson Catamaran, Rocky Aoki and the Benihana Cougar Cat,  Joey Ippolito with the Rampage Cigarette, Al Copeland with the Popeye's Scarab and many more! (60 minutes)

Linder & Luhrs "The Partnership That Changed The Game!" - Ten years of action-packed NNRT video tracing the exploits of two lifelong racing partners, George Linder and OSO's own Rich "T2x" Luhrs, who represented the best of U.S. design and ingenuity while helping to pave the way for America's later dominance in Cat design. Starting with the early days of Linder's iconic Challenger 21 hull, the DVD covers the startling arrival of the Shadow cat on the world racing scene and its role as the first multihull to outperform vees in both rough seas and calm. See racing legend Willie Diaz turn the entire racing world on its ear with the small block powered "El Boss." Follow the years of championships won by "Black Duck," the most successful hull in offshore history. Watch "Luv-it" tear through the modified fleet. Watch The Shadows evolve into the Chris Cats which dominated racing as no other hull had before. See the legendary Jesse James hulls as Linder and Luhrs developed the revolutionary Conquest hulls, marrying wood and fiberglass composite techniques unlike any construction technique that came before.  (60 minutes)

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10 Years Of Offshore 1978 - 1988 - Ten years of action-packed NNRT video tracing the early careers of offshore racing legends. Starting with the legendary boats Michelob Light and Benihana. Follow Howard Quamm racing on the edge in his Bertram V Bottom Flap Jack. Watch the very first World Championship held in Key West back in 1980 and subsequent races in Key West! See Jerry Jacoby in Ajac Hawk tame the big seas, Howard Arneson in his first catamaran challenge the V hulls and Al Copeland's debut of his 50' Cougar Catamaran which set the standard for SUPERBOAT class. Also see featured teams such as Jesse James, Seahawk Catamaran, Warpath Apache, Mercruiser Special Cougar Cat, ACR systems and Team Apache. The last stop is in New Zealand for the offshore world championship. (60 minutes)